China - Dalian (FAT)

Cosmos has conducted a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) in Siemens Sensors and Communication Ltd located in Dalian City, China.

The Factory in Dalian was set up on Oct 17th, 2006. SSCL is fully owned by SLC. The total area of SSCL is 40,000 square meters with the workshop of 7000 square meters. The production started in August 2007 and this is the second factory the division sensor & communications has been opened in China. 

The production is synchronized with Siemens’ other plants for this product range located in Germany, France, Canada and Denmark in terms of product portfolio, size, performance, quality and technological standard.


Figure 1 Installation of FM in
Dalian, China
Figure 2 Installation of FM in
Dalian, China
Test rig #1 – DN15-DN100
Max : 130 m3/h
Test rig #2 – DN125-DN250
Max : 600 m3/h
Test rig #3 – DN300-DN600
Max: 1,800m3/h
Test rig #4– DN600-DN3000
Max : 14,000m3/h
Test rig #5 – DN100-DN200
Max: 600m3/h

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