• Consultation and advice - we provide consultation and advice to our Water Customers on their fluid control needs and requirements using Siemens Malaysia’s fluid control products. Our technical team is able to identify the setbacks faced in our customers’ existing plants, evaluate the situation and provide recommendations to improve their fluid control efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Installation and commissioning of instruments - we have qualified technicians who provide complete installation of fluid control products at our customers’ sites. Our technicians are trained by Siemens Malaysia and have the competency to carry out and complete the jobs.


  • Calibration and testing of electronic flowmeters - we provide calibration of Siemens Malaysia’s fluid control products to achieve the required measurements according to the device technical standards.


  • Repair and maintenance- we provide repair services to fix any broken or faulty products. Besides that, we also provide schedule maintenance to minimise equipment breakdown.


  • Training - we also offer training seminars to our customers and educate them on how to use, operate, check and inspect our fluid control products that are installed at their sites.

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